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Who We Are

Tech Guruz is an emerging ICT firm in Uganda Developing world-class quality Information Systems and Implement ICT Infrastructures for our clients. We produce intelligent and powerful software which completely maneuvers our client’s job competently, We resell and implement trusted information technologies and Security systems We are committed to continuous advancement in our intellect and expertise and thus accomplishing our success through the pursuit of elevated performance and quality. We believe that our job is to listen, research and understand the requirements unique to each individual business. In fact, it is the long-term relationships with our clients that has served as a solid foundation for our company.



Software Development

We are  an experienced software development firm providing offshore software development services. Our cost-effective solutions are built specifically for organizations by utilizing an intimate understanding of their business and industry landscape.

Database Development

We offer different types of database development services from design to reporting. Tech Guruz is experienced in standard database technologies like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and different Big Data and Cloud database systems.

Systems Networking

we setup secure and long lasting computer networks for organization and individuals that someone can trust .
Our Team is conversant with various networking technologies like Cisco , MikroTik Technologies, Windows Server, Linux servers , Unix Systems and so on.

Security Systems

We offer different types of security systems from surveillance to reporting. Tech Guruz is experienced in standard security Services like:
CCTV Cameras
, Motion Detectors
, Smoke Detectors
,  Time & Attendance
,  Access Control Systems

Strategic IT Planning and Advisory Services

We Help clients align IT strategies with their business goals, Assist in embracing new technologies for improved efficiency and competitiveness, Provide insights to make data-driven decisions .

IT Consultancy

We Assess and recommend improvements for existing IT setups, Assist in embracing new technologies for improved efficiency and competitiveness, Advise on securing digital assets and mitigating cyber threats, Guide clients in adopting and optimizing cloud-based services. etc

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